Are your eyeglasses the hottest accessory of 2018?

Ariel | May 2, 2018

When you think of the latest trends for 2018 do your eyeglasses even cross your mind, probably not.

Let’s change that, eyeglasses are becoming the hottest new accessory for 2018. We’re going to show you just how to style them and express yourself by wearing your eyeglasses. They are no longer just to help you see, but they help you be seen!

2018 is the year of the Glasses, whether it’s a bold plastic frame in a soft pastel hue, or a redesign of a classic style like the latest from Calvin Klein Eyewear. Glasses are the must have 2018 accessory. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

We’re very excited by one of the latest trends in women’s eyewear, bigger round styles. Women are starting to shy away from the previous think, clunky sunwear from the last few years and embracing the round frames in thin metal or acetate.

Styles are becoming much more refined with less clutter and distraction on the frame. Picture sleek, colorful and yet still very classic. We’re seeing quite a few hyper-thin acetate , which allows individuals to have the plastic look without the chunkiness of plastic. Metal frames in round eye styles are increasingly popular with the thin wire look.

The profiles are becoming thinner and sleeker in quite a few of the women’s lines. Take for example the Jimmy Choo line. Sunglass model is a prime example of thin, sleek and round stylizing. It exudes confidence and classic styling while still being cutting edge.

We are also seeing an extended range of color trends in 2018 with neutral tones leading the way. The latest metal trends will be available in a variety of textures and patterns as well. The combination frames will continue to uptrend with their variety of finishes, such as matte finish versus shiny.

There are also key color trends happening with the acetate frames. We’re seeing nude sand light transparency, transparent neutrals, the traditional and colored tortoise shell, as well as unexpected color combinations through custom lamination. It is all very exciting.

With the recent resurgence of metals in the eyewear industry, lighter tones of rose gold and soft gold are becoming more predominant in collections. Pewter and silver work on the thin metals is also showing up more frequently. In contrast the flat metal frames are showing up with very vibrant and vivid tones.

So let’s celebrate the fact that your glasses, that you’re already wearing are now the hottest accessory of 2018!

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